Hiking Up to Poo-Poo Point

So as I stated earlier this week, I wanted to challenge myself this weekend and make my outdoor adventure something big. Since my husband also had the day off (we rarely have one off together), we decided to wake up early and go out to Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, Washington.

Even though I was born and raised in Seattle, I have never gone out to Tiger Mountain, let alone hiked any of the trails out there. As a thick girl, hiking uphill, which most of Poo-Poo Point trail is, was definitely an adventure and I think that I went through every feeling on the way up.

Now I have no idea where Poo-Poo Point got its name from and I don’t really feel like doing research right now, but my husband looked up some information and it is rumored that it has something to do with the logs in the water when there was logging on the mountain (I’ll let you use your imagination). I definitely felt like I needed to take a picture of the sign just to prove that I’m not making up the name.

By the halfway point (shown on the map above), I definitely was not feeling super happy. Hauling 250 pounds up a mountain is not easy! I made myself a promise before we started that I wouldn’t give up, I want to change my lifestyle and my attitude towards life and part of doing that is not giving up just because something is hard for me. With all of that being said, selfies were not part of the photo series at this point.

Now one thing about not having done this trail before is that I also didn’t know what the end point looked like. I was not disappointed. 20170415_113324

It was one of the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my life. When you officially reach the top of the trail, initially all you see if a bench, trash can, and a bathroom. After following the sound of voices over a small hill, we were met with the above view and people sitting eating and talking on the side of the hill. It really did feel like we were sitting on the top of the world. Seeing everything below and being able to see how far we had really come was completely overwhelming for me.

I in general have a very self deprecating attitude towards myself that I try to hide fairly well from others. I never in a hundred years thought that I would be able to hike that far, let alone that high up, and be so happy in the end. Not only did I find my love for nature again, but I also found a new level of confidence in my ability to complete challenges that I set for myself.

With the trail being fairly popular, I found inspiration in very strange places, but one specifically being a young woman hiking the trail with he baby strapped to her. HOLY CRAP! As a woman entering my late 20s and contemplating children in the future, I can only hope that I am that badass.

Also, there was a little frenchie puppy that wiggled its little ass all the way up and it was both amazingly adorable and encouraging. If a powerful little puppy could do it, so could I!

With all of this being said, hiking will definitely become another large part of my life, whether I go alone or with others.