Over Half Way There

So it’s been over 2 weeks! I haven’t drank since the 25th of May and we’re holding strong. I’m honestly as surprised as you are readers, particularly with how stressful things have been over the last few weeks and I love unwinding from a long day with a nice, big, cold glass of white wine.

(Don’t worry my dear, Chateau St. Michelle, I’ll be back for you soon)


The whole point of this was to see what health benefits/changes that I would see and here is the list so far.

  1. Sleeping way better! I’m having much more consistent sleep and I feel like I’m sleeping for longer now. I absolutely love it since I notoriously wake up in the middle of the night and that hasn’t been happening, making it easier to wake up in the morning (which is 5/5:30 for me).
  2. I haven’t fucked up my diet! Usually when I have a little too much wine, I tend to forget about my new health goals and then I’ve suddenly eaten a bunch of garbage and everything has just gone to hell.
  3. Better skin. An unexpected result that I’ve seen is that it seems like my skin is much better! Who would have guessed? (probably many of you, but i digress).

I’m feeling pretty good about all of this so far and I’ll be curious to see if more benefits show up, but with the 25th looming (SEATTLE PRIDE!!!!), I seem to be having more moments of weakness rather than strength.

If I can’t go a whole month, what does that mean about me?