Going to School (Post College)

So I graduated a while ago. I did class, wore the silly hat, walked the stage, and found a career. I thought that I was done with school, but as a young professional, I’ve now found out otherwise.

While I work in marketing, my degree is actually in journalism. I thought that I would work for a wonderful paper or magazine and just write day and night, but then, very quickly, papers and magazines starting shutting down, no longer able to stay in business again the internet. So what is a newly graduated journalism student to do in this scary world of adulthood.

I got into marketing.

Okay, technically I got into administration first. I few many things career wise as stepping stones, starting somewhere until I’ve gained the right amount of skills and knowledge to move onto the next task of position. I figured that administration would give me the experience in an office, as well as improve the communications skills that had been preached to me for the last 4 years. This was how I ended up in the A/E/C industry (architecture/engineering/construction) where I’m fairly sure I will never leave from.

I worked as a receptionist/administrative assistant for a wonderful architecture firm here in Seattle for about 3 years and while I was there, I was exposed to the marketing side of the industry. The fun of company advertising, the artistry of proposal writing, the exhilaration of winning the job. I wanted that. I wanted to experience all of those things for the rest of my career and after months and months of searching, I finally found my position as Proposal Coordinator for my current company.

One of the perks that my company has offered to me is continuing education through a marketing group that I joined and for the last 3 weeks (as of today), I have been working to grow my skills and knowledge yet again.

I’m finding myself in a weird mindset on days that I have class. I’m so excited about the topics and speakers, but the young truant in me whispers “skip… SKIP!”. I always fight the urge and enjoy my class of course.

In high school, I didn’t take notes. Now I do.

In high school, I skipped class constantly. Now I don’t.

In high school, I didn’t care about succeeding. Now I do.

Maybe its just part of growing up, you recognize what’s important in life and what you have to do to move forward. I care so much now about how I do in life and I want to take all the steps that I have to so that I can have the life I want to live.


I’m going to post about my class again once it’s all said and done, but until then I’ll continue to work hard and try to move forward. I refuse to let my old ways hold me back again. I will use what I learn and succeed because of it.


Learning to Self Motivate

First post! I feel that it is somewhat necessary to state that, although the reason behind that feeling is completely lost on me.

Everyone should know that I self sabotage. I let my laziness get in the way a lot of the time and it stops me from doing a lot that I really want to do. Sometimes I use excuses like I’m tired or work was just crazy, but I know that really it’s just me avoiding being active.

Side note: sometimes I am honest with myself about this, I love my cat, she’s cuddly and I don’t object to the idea of skipping the gym to go home and be with her.


With all of this in mind, I have spent most of my life¬†obsessively dieting and exercising, and as I’ve gotten older and gone through many life changes and injuries, my lifestyle has done a 180. I have reached a point now what I know, and want, to make improvements to myself, physically and mentally, and I’m making strides to do so.

I’ve been attending hot yoga 2 to 3 times a week (3 if super attractive teacher is there, I’m shallow) and now am trying to do more on the weekends. It’s definitely easier when I’m with friends or others to help distract me from my body being mad at me for moving, but with my limited social circle, I’m having to self motivate.


I thoroughly believe that if you are a person who constantly, 100% of the time, want to be out doing something, you are insane. It’s nice to curl up with your partner (or momentary person) and watch a movie, you can’t deny that. So how do you move yourself? I’m still learning, but the best way that I’ve found so far is just remembering how much I do love running around. It was easier when my friends and I didn’t have 40 – 60 hour a week jobs with kids and spouses and pets, but that is all part of growing up. So for now, I’m finding new ways each week, one of them being this blog.

If you’re reading this, how do you motivate yourself? I’m sure there are hundreds of ways that I’m completely missing and work shockingly well.