This blog is a place to write about the changes in my life, whether that be something physical, mental, or spiritual. I was inspired to do this because I wanted to track my life in a way that would be both creative and practical (a general goal for my entire life) and to have almost a type of journal, but more. With all of that being said, here are the rules I plan to follow:

  1. I will post at least every other day, no matter what I have done that day (maybe I went for a run, maybe I laid in bed and watched Netflix all day)
  2. I will make my way outdoors for activity a minimum of once a week (I work in an office so it can be challenging sometimes) and I will post pictures of proof!
  3. I will not post about my daily diet. Having had eating disorders for a large part of my adolescence, it tends to trigger me and I want this to be a mentally positive place for me.

So that it. My hope is that this will help motivate me to make the positive changes I want and give me a place to process the hurdles I come across in life.