Lonely Workout 1

Due to the fact that I am alone a lot on the weekends, I feel that it is only appropriate for me to call workouts on these days my Lonely Workout Series. This is not to gain pity or something ridiculous like that, but I don’t believe in glossing over things and want to be up front on this blog.

Today’s adventure led me to Lincoln Park in West Seattle. I didn’t live in West Seattle when I was younger, but most of my friends did and thus I was raised there by my friends in my formative years. If you’ve never been to Lincoln Park, put it on your list. I’m completely biased but it is such a wonderful place in Seattle and as long as you’re fine with the possibility of being taken down by a happy labradoodle (this did happen today), its a place for you.

While I only ran all of 1.5 minutes, I did walk the whole park and that did make me feel like I accomplished something, especially since before I got to the park, I had just been laying in bed with my cat, a trend you will probably notice after a while. Being out in the fresh air and exploring the woods, which make up a large part of the park, made me feel so happy to be there and helped me remember a very pure reason why I loved being outside when I was younger.

I definitely think that I will be making this a consistent activity in my weekends now, especially going into Summer. Along with that, hopefully some brighter pictures will show up to, today is very stereotypical for Seattle weather.


Author: Kelly Renee

I'm a borderline Millennial in Seattle (born and raised). Ex-dancer, current marketer, future anything.

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